Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adventures in K.Smith's Land #2

So My Next Adventure FASHION SHOW IN NY!!!

I LOVE NY, we have this bond that is not to be broken.....Although this time I dealt with the World's Largest BUTTHOLES!! I had been Hyping up NY and How I love it so much to my clients Dre Berry of H.U.P. Entertainment and His Artist Dizzy, and as soon as we got off of the plane...the BitchAssness Began(Stay tuned for the BitchAssness Blog!!) I mean It was horrible guys!! I asked the freakin information desk at the Train station which way was a street AND HE POINTED!!! YES POINTED DID NOT GIVE ME ANY VERBAL COMMUNICATION!! JUST POINTED!! WTF?!?!?

Then of all the times we were in NY!! We were there for the BIGGEST SNOW STORM of the SEASON!!! AND I HAVE PICS TO PROVE IT!!!

But the great things were....


AWKWARD CLOTHING(the company i design for...) was LOVED!!!

Dre BERRY'S Companies were both given two thumbs up!! (H.U.P. Entertainment, Awkward Clothing)

K.Smith Killed the make up and looks for the Show!!

AND SHALISHA MONET (my client, Pop Singer and Long Lost Sister came to NY to share the precious moments!!!

Check out Dizzy's Performance

Dre's NY Experience

K.Smith At Work!!

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