Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome To My World

Hello World,

Ok so i know I am probably the last human being that is in the entertainment industry to create a blog...but who cares Im here now!!

Its the last day of 2008 so I figured why wait till next year to begin a new adventure!!

Welcom to K.Smith's Style Lounge! I am a 24 year old Hair and Make-Up Artist, Fashion Designer, and Personal Stylist who thrives off of people and things that are so far outside the box that people really question if they are from this planet that they call "Earth." I love reinventing myself as well as others, I love vintage anything from foods,cars and especially fashion.
I love to bring out the best in others physically and mentally, I love rocky road ice cream, scarfs, I lovvvvvvve Make-up and Make-overs, I hate simple hair I love funky hair cuts( which I specialize in) I love sushi and tuna steak, I love challenges, I LOVE HATERS AND NON BELIEVERS, they really make my job easy to do. So If u are any of the above items please feel free to stop by at anytime ( or stop by and get my address to send them to me!!lol J/K)

I am growing everyday in this industry and its really crazy how God works...a year ago I was trying to figure out how to get myself as well as the artists that Im connected to(story for another blog) exposure. That was just one year ago I Swear...Now Im getting connected and learning things from some Heavy-Hitting Industry Cats!!!

I will be styling for T-Pains' new Girl Music Group( They are Hott!!) Sophia Fresh on Jan 8th Courtesy of AwkWARD cLOTHING ( The company I design for) and I will be working with one of Hollywood's Premiere Stylists Mr E.J. King ( He Is Sick wit it too!!).
Check them out:

Happy Year World!! May God Bring you Great Blessings and Prosperity in 2009!!