Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys 2009

So Was it just me or was this one of the Worst Dressed Red Carpets Ever?!?!? I was really dissapointed in what I saw coming across the Red Carpet!! It was A Fashion Massacre!! LET ME KNOW WHAT U GUYS THINK!!

Shalisha Monet Project

Check out the pics from a shoot I had with Ms. Shalisha Monet!!
Born and Raised in Philly, she is the newest Pop and R&B Sensation!
"She's Like a Breath of Fresh Air!!"-K.Smith

Monday, February 2, 2009

So January is finally over!!!! I could literally write a book on all of the events that took this month!!

One of the highlights of January was a photo shoot with T-Pain's New Singing Group Sophia Fresh!!

Shout Outs to Awkward Clothing( Wardrobe) K.Smith (Me, stylist, mua, designer) EJ King(Stylist) Steven Coleman(MUA), Dre Berry(my manager, CEO of Awkward Clothing) Montique Willis of Project 14 Studios(Photographer) King David(Photographer)

Steven (MUA) and Skye of Sophia Fresh

Dre Berry and K.Smith with Sophia Fresh!!!