Monday, April 27, 2009

Shei Atkins Shoot!!

So I had the Privilege Of Working With One Of Houston's Own Premiere Artists Ms. Shei Atkins!! She is so soft-spoken, but Has A VOICE OUT OF THIS WORLD!!



Go See the footage from the shoot :

Adventures In K.Smith Land part 3!!

So As u know Im a Music Head!!! What better way to get high off of music than at SXSW!! So me and the Infamous Crew Hit the Road for SXSW!!

Dizzy ( he missed performing by a hair but he is Locked in for Next Year!!)

Dre Berry ( Dizzy's Mangager , H.U.P.Entertainment, Awkward Clothing)

Brenique Says( Super Vixen and my client!!)

Montique Willis(Polymath 7 photographer and Producer)

Peter Hadar ( R&B Artist from NY, He killed his show BTW!)

We had a blast!!

Solange did her thing at the Fader Fort
Bun B should have gotten a Standing Ovation for the Show he put on!! ( The only reason he didnt was because we were already standing!!LOLZ)

Theophilus and Solange Rocked it!!

Kanye Performed 30 Songs!!! WOOOW

Kicked it With U -God Of Wu-Tang he was really Cool!!


I also got a chance to capture some of the FASHION FIERCENESS WHILE THERE!!! People really dnt care what u think of them at sxsw its a community of true artists and creative innovators!! I Love It!!


I Loved The Metallic Leather Shorts and the Helmets!!

Hit+Run Made some Really Dope Shirts!!

Dizzy And A Pop Group Out of Chi-Town!!

The Skirt was Killin You Had to see it in Person!!

K.Smith @ The Fort SXSW BABY!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adventures in K.Smith's Land #2

So My Next Adventure FASHION SHOW IN NY!!!

I LOVE NY, we have this bond that is not to be broken.....Although this time I dealt with the World's Largest BUTTHOLES!! I had been Hyping up NY and How I love it so much to my clients Dre Berry of H.U.P. Entertainment and His Artist Dizzy, and as soon as we got off of the plane...the BitchAssness Began(Stay tuned for the BitchAssness Blog!!) I mean It was horrible guys!! I asked the freakin information desk at the Train station which way was a street AND HE POINTED!!! YES POINTED DID NOT GIVE ME ANY VERBAL COMMUNICATION!! JUST POINTED!! WTF?!?!?

Then of all the times we were in NY!! We were there for the BIGGEST SNOW STORM of the SEASON!!! AND I HAVE PICS TO PROVE IT!!!

But the great things were....


AWKWARD CLOTHING(the company i design for...) was LOVED!!!

Dre BERRY'S Companies were both given two thumbs up!! (H.U.P. Entertainment, Awkward Clothing)

K.Smith Killed the make up and looks for the Show!!

AND SHALISHA MONET (my client, Pop Singer and Long Lost Sister came to NY to share the precious moments!!!

Check out Dizzy's Performance

Dre's NY Experience

K.Smith At Work!!

Adventures in K.Smith's Land!! # 1

Hey My fellow Blogsters!! So A lot has been going on in the past few months!! Ive been away for a little while, but I PROMISE never to leave again for such a long time!!! I have some great adventures that I have been on while gone!!! So let me update YOU!!!

Brenique Says:

Ok So I am currently on board with a new SEXY SUPER VIXEN named Brenique !!

She is what we call a Super Vixen, Babygirl got a body to die for, but she's not your typical vixen!!

She's 5'8 with curves, so she's Super Model meets Vixen!! She is currently preparing for her Calendar Release So You Guys Make Sure you look out for that!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Grammys 2009

So Was it just me or was this one of the Worst Dressed Red Carpets Ever?!?!? I was really dissapointed in what I saw coming across the Red Carpet!! It was A Fashion Massacre!! LET ME KNOW WHAT U GUYS THINK!!

Shalisha Monet Project

Check out the pics from a shoot I had with Ms. Shalisha Monet!!
Born and Raised in Philly, she is the newest Pop and R&B Sensation!
"She's Like a Breath of Fresh Air!!"-K.Smith

Monday, February 2, 2009

So January is finally over!!!! I could literally write a book on all of the events that took this month!!

One of the highlights of January was a photo shoot with T-Pain's New Singing Group Sophia Fresh!!

Shout Outs to Awkward Clothing( Wardrobe) K.Smith (Me, stylist, mua, designer) EJ King(Stylist) Steven Coleman(MUA), Dre Berry(my manager, CEO of Awkward Clothing) Montique Willis of Project 14 Studios(Photographer) King David(Photographer)

Steven (MUA) and Skye of Sophia Fresh

Dre Berry and K.Smith with Sophia Fresh!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tastemakers NYE

Hair, Make-Up,Stylist : K.Smith Wardrobe: Awkward Clothing; Photography: Montique Willis/Polymath Studios Model: Angela Jones(singer)
Hair, Make-Up,Stylist : K.Smith Wardrobe: Awkward Clothing; Photography: Montique Willis/Polymath Studios Model: Angela Jones(singer)

Whats up World,

Happy new year again BTW....So I had a little NYE party and it actually turned out to be a mini tastemaker party...(Tastemaker event= industry term for networking party where influental and lifechanging people attend) . I invited a few industry friends as well as family and clients to hang out and bring in the new year right. So a good friend of mine stopped by and blessed us with his knowledge of the industry.

Montique Willis...if you dont already know who he is Trust me you will!!! This Kid is Genius..he is a producer, photographer,graphic designer, artist...shall I go on?? Anyway he is really the true meaning of Genuine.

I met him while doing a photo shoot with Angela Jones ( another talented story) singer who was formerly of Young Joc's Southern Girl, at that time I thought he was a photographer and a producer that just worked with Angie. Not knowing how ingenius he really was.

He's worked with everyone from carl thomas to even brushing shoulders with B....yes beyonce!

Be Agressive is the motto for 2009! Taking over the game is what he encouraged us to do!!

Find who the Hottest Person in your field is right now and go get em!! We have to take what we want you can wait for some one to hand it to you!! IT AINT GONE HAPPEN PEOPLE!!

( My manager Dre Berry of H.U.P. Entertainment Management and Img Consulting, Artist Dizzy aka westcoastprodigy, Haniff -another sick heavy hitting producer ,and Model Brenique Reed, were all in attendance)

Anywho ...I hope you guys are ready for a new and exciting year, We taking over in 09!! So get ready to learn New ways of Fashion and reinventing yourself while learning about my day to day adventures all while Chillin in K.Smith's Style Lounge!!!
Check out these links: (montique) (dizzy)

Looking For Management? Contact: 832-622-8555 (Dre Berry) refferred by K.Smith