Monday, April 27, 2009

Adventures In K.Smith Land part 3!!

So As u know Im a Music Head!!! What better way to get high off of music than at SXSW!! So me and the Infamous Crew Hit the Road for SXSW!!

Dizzy ( he missed performing by a hair but he is Locked in for Next Year!!)

Dre Berry ( Dizzy's Mangager , H.U.P.Entertainment, Awkward Clothing)

Brenique Says( Super Vixen and my client!!)

Montique Willis(Polymath 7 photographer and Producer)

Peter Hadar ( R&B Artist from NY, He killed his show BTW!)

We had a blast!!

Solange did her thing at the Fader Fort
Bun B should have gotten a Standing Ovation for the Show he put on!! ( The only reason he didnt was because we were already standing!!LOLZ)

Theophilus and Solange Rocked it!!

Kanye Performed 30 Songs!!! WOOOW

Kicked it With U -God Of Wu-Tang he was really Cool!!


I also got a chance to capture some of the FASHION FIERCENESS WHILE THERE!!! People really dnt care what u think of them at sxsw its a community of true artists and creative innovators!! I Love It!!


I Loved The Metallic Leather Shorts and the Helmets!!

Hit+Run Made some Really Dope Shirts!!

Dizzy And A Pop Group Out of Chi-Town!!

The Skirt was Killin You Had to see it in Person!!

K.Smith @ The Fort SXSW BABY!!!

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